The International Water Management Institute operates at the interface of research and development to provide evidence based solutions to sustainably manage water and land resources for food security, livelihoods and the environment. IWMI is a member of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.




Understanding gender roles and achieving greater equality in access to innovations will improve agricultural productivity and economic growth.

Water in Agriculture

70% of global freshwater abstraction is used for growing crops. How we manage this over the coming decades will have major implications for food security.

Water Governance

From countries to communities, the institutions and policies that govern water use have a direct bearing on prosperity and ecosystem health.

Managing Tradeoffs

As the world develops, balance needs to be struck between the needs of competing water users. We develop tools and analyze possible scenarios to boost equitable use.

Sustainable Development

If global commitments to sustainable growth are to be successful, smarter water management will be needed.


By 2050, two thirds of humanity will live in urban environments. Innovation in water and waste management could help cities thrive.

Climate Change

As the planet warms, we can expect more flood and droughts. We can build resilience, but only with the right policies and tools.


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Agriculture on the banks of the Ganges river at Varanasi, India

Turning a river into a machine

The Ganges can be an engine for sustainable development.

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Flood forecasting application (WetIn App) launched in Abuja, Nigeria

A preliminary version of a flood forecasting app, WetIn App, developed for the Niger and Benue Rivers, was launched recently.

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HuffingtonPost: A Plan for Protecting Our Hidden Water Supplies

Jeremy Bird talks about colossal challenge to ensure that policies on groundwater translate into action and sustainable and equitable outcomes.

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Join us at World Water Week 2016

IWMI staff are in Stockholm for World Water Week! Participate in seminars, side events and panel discussions with us during the week starting on Sunday 28th.

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Close-up of water being pumped to irrigate fields in Nepal.

The Global Crisis of Abstraction

Building partnerships to sustain groundwater-based economies

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theguradian-africa droughts prompt calls to start pumping untapped groundwater

TheGuardian: Africa droughts prompt calls to start pumping untapped groundwater

The Guardian recently published an article covering the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) co-led by IWMI.

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